ClickDealer Meetup

ClickDealer Meetup is an annual event where our most loyal partners meet the team on a wild trip to luxurious locations around the world. It’s a highly exclusive one-of-a-kind experience that involves insane partying broken up by fun daytime activities, which leaves behind lasting partnerships, lifelong memories and deleted photos.

Those who have been to one of our Meetups can’t wait for the next one, adding to the size of a rampaging crowd that makes high-end resorts tremble on a yearly basis.

Prepare for the next adventure with ClickDealer!

Get the taste of what it's like


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The time has come, the people have spoken, and the location has been chosen. An illustrious coastal city in southwestern Mexico will greet the ones chosen worthy in El Gran Torneo. Sign up for the biggest contest of the year and prove your mettle to set out on a wild all-inclusive adventure with the ClickDealer team!

Meetup 2015

Mykonos, Greece

ClickDealer Team conquered Greece with a bunch of smartest hustlers in the industry. Drinks on the beach and powerful insights flying left and right from inebriated superaffiliates and their AMs changed some lives. Dionysus never jokes around. Neither did he this time!

Meetup 2014

Barcelona, Spain

A long flashy weekend in Barcelona with the ClickDealer Team. Perfect fusion of fun and business everyone enjoyed each second of. Positive vibrations and amazing experiences left an impression that could only be topped by our next gathering. Feel the rhythm of CD Barcelona Meetup!